Welcome to Folk Flute Academy Haverö


Courses and concerts with Swedish traditional flutes in Haverö, Western Medelpad

Since 2010, folk musician Göran Månsson has held summer courses at his ancestral home Mon, in Kölsillre, Haverö, together with woodwind instrument maker Gunnar Stenmark from Jämtland, the musician and director of Svenskt visarkiv (The Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research) Dan Lundberg, and renowned folk musician Mats Berglund from Värmland. The courses have so far seen participants from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, France and Japan.

ffa-logo_farg-posOwner of the project is Kulturens bildningsverksamhet and promotors, among others, Ånge County, The Medelpad Folk Music Association and the Eric Sahlström Institute.

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