Summer courses in Haverö, August 2017

At Folk Flute Academy we now prepare this year’s summer courses: Two flute courses, and Gunnar Stenmark’s flute-making course. This year, we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the flute player ”Ol’Jansa” Olof Jönsson.

The courses are suitable for those with previous experience of playing folk flutes who would like to learn folk tunes. The courses will also contain individual technique instructions.

Your instructors during the courses are:

They will teach you tunes from Jämtland, Härjedalen, Medelpad, Finland and Norway. You will be playing a variety of flutes provided by Gunnar for the course. The flutes that you will be using are Härjedals– or Månmarkapipa in A and Offerdals– or Åspipa in G. During the course you will have the opportunity to order or buy flutes to discount prices.

The courses include ensemble sessions as well as individual instructions with either Kristiina, Steinar or Göran, who will help you to advance your playing skills.

“Mon”, where the course will be held, is situated in scenic Kölsillre, Haverö, in the Western part of Medelpad, Sweden.

  • Price Courses 9-11 August / 11-13 August:  SEK 3000 (Max. number of participants per course: 15)
  • Price Flute-making course 10-13 August:  SEK 3500 (Max. number of participants: 5)
  • Prices include accommodation and meals.
  • Last day of application: 1 June, 2017