Tutorial for posting in Japanese


Post titles

First, give each new post a unique title in Japanese. Make sure that each title tells very clearly about what the post is about. This makes it easy for the visitor to choose the right post even from a long list of titles.

Please note: You will always create POSTS (never PAGES)! This is what makes this multi-lingual website work! :)


Make sure that each post gets a permalink in English, and ends with the 3 characters ”-jp”. Make sure that the English version of each post is named exactly the same way, but ending with ”-en”. This makes it possible for the Swedish to easily find all posts and manage other translations.


Before publishing a post, in order to correctly make it appear in the sidebar, you must always assign the post a category (Just one!) It is always one of the Japanese categories – all of them have names ending with ”-jp”.

  • News post category: news-jp
  • Distance courses/events: distance-jp
  • Course information category: course-jp
  • Info about the Academy: academy-jp
  • Info about instruments: flutes-jp
  • Archived, old posts that you still want to keep online: Change the category or archive-jp


There is a library with many photos available, you can always use a Medium size photo at the top of each post! (Just try to pick a photo that fits well with the text, and that is not used for another post!) If you have your own photos, please upload them in high resolution to the media library, and then add the desired photo to the new post.


When you are happy with the new post that you created, you can share it on the Japanese facebook page! Please note: You’ll often want to share the exact post, not the category page … 1) View the post, 2) click the POST TITLE, 3) Copy the address to facebook etc!

How your posts are displayed

The categories and menus are what makes this multilingual website work: Each Category is functioning as a FILTER, and as long as you use just one of the existing categories post, everything will work smoothly (thanks to some basic-but-clever plugins). If a post doesn’t show up where you’d expect it to, it’s either because you’ve scheduled the post for the future, OR because you forgot to assign it to a category.

Running into trouble? Email me at info@mediastrom.se